All applicants for Sutton primary school places receive offer

Beddington Park Primary School, Sutton (Photo - Zute Lightfoot)

Pupils enjoy learning at Beddington Park Primary School (Photo – Zute Lightfoot)

All applicants for a primary school place in Sutton have received an offer on national primary offer day (Tuesday 18 April), with 95 per cent receiving a place at one of their preference schools.

In the last decade applications for a first preference place at one of Sutton’s primary schools have risen by 25 per cent, and to address this rising demand over 4000 additional primary school places have been provided since 2008. As a result of the work the council has done to address this growth, and ensure sufficient places for all residents, it has been possible to offer a school place to all applicants for the third year in a row.

Cllr Wendy Mathys, Chair of the Children, Family & Education Committee at Sutton Council, said:

“In the face of rising demand for primary places in Sutton’s excellent schools I am pleased that for the third consecutive year we have been able to offer a place on National Offer Day to all who have applied.

“This is testament to the hard work of staff both within the council and at our excellent borough schools. Parents will rightly look forward to their children receiving an excellent standard of education right across the London Borough of Sutton.”

The breakdown of applications is as follows, with last year’s figures given in brackets for comparison:

Total Home applications: 2678 (2711)

First preference offers: 84 per cent (83.2 per cent)

Top 3 preference offers: 93.1 per cent (93.7 per cent)

Top 6 preference offers: 95.5 per cent (95.9 per cent)

Offered a Sutton School: 89.1 per cent (91.2 per cent)

Pupils with no offer: 0 (0)

Figures released by the Pan London Admissions Board show that London boroughs received 98,944 applications for primary school places this year, four per cent fewer than last year.

Sara Williams, Chair of the Pan London Admissions Board, said:

“The demand for primary school places in London remains high, having increased by 5 per cent since 2011. Overall there has been a slight fall in demand for reception places since last year but the pressure on London schools to deliver places for children across the capital due to start school this September remains.

“We will be keeping an eye on birth rates and patterns of population growth, but we expect demand for primary school places to continue at least at current levels and demand for secondary school places to grow considerably in the years ahead.”