Look out for vulnerable neighbours and help keep them warm

Do you have vulnerable neighbours? Cold weather can have a significant impact on people’s health so we’re asking for your help to check on neighbours and make sure they are safe and keeping warm this winter.

Top tips for supporting older vulnerable neighbours, friends and relatives, include:

  • Make sure they’re warm enough – the temperature in their home should be at least 18°C (65°F), particularly if they are not mobile, have long term illness or are 65 or over, and they may need to wear several layers of clothes to stay warm.
  • Make sure they are well stocked up on food, drink and medicines they may need.
  • Try to make sure they have regular hot meals and drinks throughout the day.
  • For more information about Age UK’s national Spread the Warmth campaign visit or see for more information about keeping well during winter.

If you are concerned for a neighbour who cannot manage because of the weather conditions, you can contact Sutton Council on 020 8770 5000, 24 hours a day. Emergency care services can be arranged if needed. In a medical emergency an ambulance should be called using 999. You can also get help from Advice Link Partnership Sutton – a service run by Sutton’s Citizen Advice Bureau, Age UK Sutton and Sutton Carers Centre.

Sutton Council is also reminding people to stay well this winter, here’s our top tips:

  • At the first sign of illness, seek advice from your pharmacist
  • Speak to your pharmacist about important medicines you should have in stock
  • It is important to keep warm in winter, so heat your home to at least 18°C (65°F)
  • Make sure you get your flu jab from your GP or pharmacy
  • For more information and advice visit

A Senior woman adjusting her thermostat at home