Sutton Council and partners support national Blooming Strong campaign

Sutton Council with local partners will be running the national Blooming Strong campaign in Sutton to coincide with the United Nations day for the elimination of violence against women on 25 November.

The campaign was established by Standing Together​, a charity ​​that bring​s communities together to end domestic abuse, and encourages women that they too have the strength to survive, leave, move forward and recover from gender based violence.

The Blooming Strong campaign celebrates the strength of women who have survived gender based violence or supported someone who has. Flowers are presented to women who are accessing services and working within services, to local women in strategic positions and local women on the streets. This is to celebrate and recognise the strength of local women and also encourage women who are experiencing violence, that they too have this strength.

We will be handing out flowers in Sutton to recognise​ the strength of women in our borough and to increase awareness of Domestic Violence and Abuse. ​

Where we will be and when:

​Saturday ​2​5 November​, Sutton High Street at lunchtime

​​Tuesday ​2​8 November​, Sutton High Street at lunchtime

​Tuesday ​2​8 November, St Helier Hospital at lunchtime ​