Youngster’s poster design has energy-saving message

This is the winning entry for a poster design competition to raise awareness about the importance of saving energy.

The poster, created by ten-year-old Rayan Sadafian, who goes to Westbourne Primary School, in Sutton, was chosen by judges because it is bold, colourful and sends a very clear message.

EcoLocal was commissioned by Sutton Council to raise awareness about saving energy.  EcoLocal worked with eight schools and seven Scout groups, delivering 42 lessons through which students learnt where energy comes from, why we need to save it and how to save energy at home.

Students carried out an energy survey of their home, kept an energy saving diary, were encouraged to go to the One Planet Sutton website to calculate their ecological footprint and make a One Planet pledge.  

Rayan’s poster design will be displayed in libraries and other venues around the borough this autumn to encourage people to save energy.

Rayan was presented with a home energy saving kit with a smart meter and other prizes at his school assembly. 

Runners-up were chosen from each class and awarded a wind up torch.  

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