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Travel back in time at the Europa Gallery this summer

Sutton residents are invited to take a trip into the past by visiting the Europa Gallery in the borough’s Central Library this summer. The gallery is hosting The Past on Glass exhibition from now until Sunday 28 August. The Sutton Archives exhibition, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, tells the story of local photographer David […]


Sutton Council secures £95,000 Lottery grant to conserve thousands of Edwardian photographic negatives

Thousands of photographic glass-plate negatives of Edwardian women from the early 1900s are to be conserved after Sutton Council secured a grant of £95,500 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). Thanks to National Lottery players, the final tranche of more than 10,000 images of Edwardian women will be cleaned, digitised, researched, catalogued and made available for […]

Missing archives finally restored to the Sutton collections, as Carshalton history lovers help out council

No one knows how some of the records from Sutton’s archives went missing maybe more than 100 years ago, but thanks to the generosity of the local history community, Sutton Council has been able to buy them back. The records about Carshalton, purchased by the London Borough of Sutton Archives Service from Bloomsbury Auctions in […]

Fascinating stories from Sutton’s past are revealed as the borough turns 50 years old

Sutton Carew, Carwalton, Fairlands, Wandletowns, South Wall-Car, Treeswater. These are just some of the names proposed for London’s borough 21, before it became known as Sutton. The naming of the new borough, when it broke away from Surrey and became part of Greater London in 1965, was a hot and widely debated topic. Naturally, people […]